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Bus Services in Clackmannanshire (04/07/2022)

Please see this link to a recent article in the Alloa Advertiser on moves by Clackmannanshire Council to kick start an improved bus service in the County.

Road Safety Report (15/06/2022)

Dollar Community Council has become increasingly concerned about road safety around Dollar. Hamish has compiled this report highlighting some of the main areas identified. It is hoped that this document will provide a clear overview of the problems and focus attention on addressing these issues.

Click here to download and view the report

Perhaps you are aware of other dangerous areas. We would welcome your input and any suggestions. Please get in touch.

Planning Committee 8th February 2022. Joint note from Dollar Community Council and Dollar Community Development Trust (08/02/2022)

1. Background

Clackmannanshire Council’s Planning Committee met today to discuss and review the two
planning applications for Dollar South and Dollar East. The purpose of this note is to inform
the community of the outcome. Please note this is our understanding of the decisions and
recommendations made and will need to be confirmed by formal notices from the Council.
2. Key Decisions

The Local Development Plan (LDP) is for 350 houses to be built in Dollar. This was widely
consulted on within the community some years ago.
The two planning applications together initially proposed up to 500 houses would be built. Our community objected to this and required that the Council stick to LDP numbers. Despite
multiple representations to the Planners and the Landowners, the total number prior to
today’s meeting was up to 450 houses.
The Planning Committee decided to grant permission in principle for 350 houses, plus or
minus 10%. We regard this as a breakthrough in asserting the views of the community.
Secondly, the Committee mandated that the planners and developers continue to engage
with the community on the main outstanding issues raised by the community:
• Expansion of primary school capacity;
• Expansion of Health Centre capacity;
• Resolution of traffic problems;
• Resolution of concerns about flooding.
These matters will be subject to agreement with the community, which is consistent with
imminent planning legislation from Scottish Government.
Thirdly, community representatives will be involved in forming and agreeing the obligations
on landowners to provide funds for development of community infrastructure, known as
Section 75. These are legal agreements between the landowners and the Council and
normally do not involve community views. This is another breakthrough for our community.
3. Next steps
Following the granting of the planning applications in principle the details of the
developments will be worked out. Some of these matters are highly technical such as traffic
and flooding. The Community Council and the Trust will look to the community for
experienced technical support.
4. Summary
The decisions made today are significant for Dollar:
• We have managed to contain the number of houses very close to the LDP.
• The community will continue to be fully engaged on the unresolved objections and
the Section 75 funding commitments.
• We will need your support to challenge to developers in highly technical areas of
their proposals.

Clackmannanshire Council Meeting to discuss the 2 large planning applications for Dollar (07/02/2022)

There is a Planning Committee at Clackmannanshire Council on Tuesday 8th February starting at 0930. It will discuss and may decide on the two planning applications outstanding in relation to the proposed developments in Dollar. They are 18/00283/PPP and  19/00018/PPP. The agenda and background papers are attached.

The meeting will be virtual using Microsoft Teams. To be able to attend you must register as shown in the instruction provided by the Planning Department:

“The meeting is being held by video conference (via MS Teams).  If you wish to attend, please register using the link below (you may have to copy and paste into your browser):,-7E-glAHfEy8EM-jMxWWTQ,_wxm5HoGJE6cmSvfLTLaoA,hgRWK8GKQkuNlLHLJvt7VA,jFYv1dIgEkC6rWZEYQ1hBA,Ioj2U-owqUi1Joigf5zf6g?mode=read&tenantId=ae8c4625-6448-4d14-b856-67b7e052d4b0 

Anyone can access the agenda for the Meeting of the Planning Committee being held on Tuesday 8 February 2022 at 9.30 am on the Clackmannanshire Council web site by clicking on the link below 

Planning Committee 08/02/22”


Dollar Community Council and Dollar Community Development Trust have been working with the Planning Department since these applications were submitted. We have had many liaison meetings with the planners who have been consistently helpful. 

In the attachment entitled “Planning Cte” you will see the following paragraphs describing (a) the outcome of the Planning Committee on 1st April 2020 and (b) the events since then. DCDT and DCC  were unable to consult with the community following the events described in (b) because no minutes were produced. 

At the Planning Committee meeting of 1st  April 2021, separate reports providing planning assessment and “Minded to Approve” recommendations on each application were presented. These were preceded by a Covering Report, setting out how the applications had been considered together (but not jointly) and summarising the key common issues. In respect of the Covering Report on 1st April 2022, the Committee did not approve the Minded to Approve recommendation, but that officers would engage further with community representatives and applicants on outstanding matters, and following this, report back to a future meeting of the Committee with finalised Heads of Terms of a Section 75 Agreement and full set of matters specified in Conditions for consideration. 
Since 1st  April 2021, Planning Officers have engaged with relevant consultees on outstanding matters and with both sets of applicants, and community representatives to address matters raised by the Committee in respect of each application. In particular, officers arranged and hosted two online meetings attended by representatives for both planning applications and members of Dollar Community Council (DCC) and Dollar Community Development Trust (DCDT). The first meeting was held on 2nd June 2021 and the second meeting on 20th October 2021, and discussion focussed on key issues raised by the community representatives and the Planning Committee at the meeting of 1st April 2021. 
Members are presented with two separate reports of handling summarising the assessment of each application, which have been updated in light of the discussion held since 1st  April 2021. Both reports also contain a recommendation in respect of each application. Both applications are recommended for approval subject to conditions and conclusion of a Section 75 Legal Agreement. As previously noted, the applications have been considered together (but not jointly), and it was the Planning Service’s stated preference that the proposals came in the form of one single application, however the parties involved were unable to agree on this approach. 

Clackmannanshire Council Budget Consultation (02/02/2022)

Clackmannanshire Council has launched its budget consultation. If you have time, please take a look. Individuals can participate and respond.

Dollar Glen path closure (06/01/2022)

The National Trust for Scotland has been aasked when the path would be opened again.

Sadly it’s going to be a while as the engineers need to assess and our little path to the Castle isn’t high on the priority list! One point she made was that people are still using the path and it’s a risk with potential dangers. One of the wooden bridges more seriously affected by the storm last year has had some significant movement, 3-4cm subsidence. There is a risk that it could shift and collapse if people continue walking across it!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!