Dollar Community Council, Clackmannanshire
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Your Community Council

Dollar Community Council has been around since 1891 and has always been run by members of the community. All elected members are volunteers and provide a link between the Community and the Members and Officers of Clackmannanshire Council.

As well as this we liaise with other Community Councils in Clackmannanshire and are the first point of contact for statutory bodies such as Police Scotland and Forth Valley Health Board. Formally we are one of a number of statutory consultees on planning matters pertinent to the boundaries of the Community Council.

In reality the role of the Community Council is far wider reaching within the town. It funds and facilitates a number of community activities, including:

  • Dollar News
  • Dollar Events
  • Burnside Maintaintence

Dollar Community Council meets at 7.30pm on the 3rd Monday of the month. Currently, meetings are held at the Dollar Golf Club.

These meeting are open to all members of the Dollar community.

Your input is very welcome and really appreciated.

Your Council

Callum Jackson


Anne Sutherland

Vice Chair and Dollar News

Francis Allan


Norman Ross


Derek McDonald


Stephen Leitch


Sarah Gwyne


Gordon Nimmo


Jane Scott


Ben Plouviez


The are currently 4 councilor vacancies.

Council Elections

Community Council elections are held every 4 years with the next election due to take place in the autumn of 2021 (dates to be confirmed depending on the Covid 19 situation).

Dollar Community Council has 14 elected Community Councillors and all positions are up for election. Office Bearers are be elected annually at the AGM.

Election Process

Once an election is called nomination forms will be available via Clackmannanshire Council’s website ( In addition, the Community Council will make nomination forms available here and, if possible, circulate paper versions in Dollar.

Each nominee needs two exclusive subscribers who must both be on the Dollar electoral register.

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