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The following is taken from the Dollar Community Plan 2012-Click on the link to view document in full.



It is with great pleasure that I can present the Dollar Community Plan. Dollar is a special place indeed, both for the residents and for the place itself. It is an attractive and welcoming place to live and for that reason is a magnet for ever more residents. We in the Community Council felt it essential that we create this document which will record the town’s history, its current situation and the resident’s wishes and preferences for its future development.

Much progress has already taken place in Dollar over time as the document will show, but there are many challenges that lie ahead. This document sets out to address these challenges and reflect what the residents of the town see as their wishes and aspirations for its future. Clackmannanshire Council was consulted before we embarked on this plan and they have committed to take cognisance of the town’s wishes in the production of their Local Development Plan, shortly to be released. We have endeavoured to collect as many comments as possible as we formulated the Plan and carried out major public consultations to achieve this. The Working Group, which formulated this plan, was predominantly made up of long standing residents of the town as well as representatives from the major institutions.

The two most important feedback comments from the public consultations were the welcome inclusion of a major sporting and community recreation facility to the south of the town, and on a more negative point regarding the number of new houses that were proposed over the next 25 years. Because of these comments, we have scaled back the number of houses we would all wish to see being built in Dollar and enhanced the desire to develop these sporting and community recreation facilities. The town itself needs to be enhanced and improved and we have listed our priorities in this direction.

Remember, this is your plan for your town and we would ask that all residents and users of the town would buy into this plan and help us to achieve its vision.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Rice
Dollar Community Council July 2012